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sundin13 said:
o_O.Q said:

ah i see, you think because you've seen me attacking atheists over how illogical many of them are becoming that i must be christian, but i'm not christian

i believe not necessarily in equality but that everyone should be free to do anything they want once they do not infringe on the freedom of others

i would have thought this is why people were running from religions and into atheism but imagine my shock and horror after studying the atheist movement and seeing the same desire for repression of individual liberty but in a different and in some ways more irrational coat of paint


its just funny to me that i'm seeing people attacking the very idea of putting things into categories at all, but they don't realise thatits an automatic thing we do to rationalise our environment

this is a great example of that, you were thinking, well she's not A so she must be B lol

Didn't I tell you to stop making assumptions? I never stated nor assumed that you were a Christian, nor have I seen you attacking atheists.

My post says what it says. Nothing more.

so why did you bring up christianity? it was completely irrelevant

so you just decided on a whim to post that for no reason?

and why does spokentruth believe you made that post in response to me claiming christianity is superior?