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Seems odd.

My son started playing God of War when he had about 3,5 year and is about halfway done. Have finished Knack 2 4 times, finished Lego Marvel Super Heroes. Yes he need to put a lot of effort on the game, but he is learning and is quite good at playing console even if he also plays a lot of ios games.

That's exactly it. He started playing such games early on.

But neither my wife or my nephew did, the only kind of videogames they encountered before were those simplistic Smartphone games like the ones I stated before. Having more than one button is already complicated for them since they never grew up with the more complex videogames on PC and consoles. And they are certainly far from the only ones whose only contact with videogames are their Smartphones. Growing up with a touchscreen as input device and games where you have all the time in the world and only have to touch with your finger or swipe once as gameplay makes even just 2 buttons like on the NES seem complicated. Just look at the React video for Megaman and specifically one person in that video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=njzAyjAFCMI

No, she didn't try to do a pacifist run, she didn't understand until halfway through he level that she can attack with the other button. It's a similar case here. It's ovious to us who grown up with it, but not for those who have grown up just with smartphones instead.

I can understand a person to not understand at first, but if you explain what is to be done and the person isn't an old one should be able to adapt with some time.

But well, different market and niches. Hardly anyone will change a very good game and his use of consoles to play smartphones =p

Also Megaman is a very hard game even for full fledged gamers... but yes gamers would at least have expected jumping and firing also they to be simultaneos if wanted.

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