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Faelco said:

Themselves. They're able to shoot themselves in the foot at the weirdest times. Otherwise, I would say new players, because Xbox will most likely never beat PS (except if Sony screws up even more than the PS3 launch).

I disagree with the "they follow proven trails" because of Move. Sony did the CD console first, the motion gaming with Eye Toy before the Wii, the remote gaming with PSP and Vita, VR with PSVR and also the streaming gaming service (PS Now) long before MS or Google. They also have a TV service, no? PS Vue ? They usually do things first in the console field actually, even if they don't always use it fully or find huge success with it (and you end up with "The Wii invented motion gaming!" even though you had motion gaming on PS2). 

I wonder who made touchscreen/gyro censor/microphone on handheld first? Sony?