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Kerotan said:

“While I’ll admit that I initially rolled my eyes at yet another Gruff White Male Protagonist."

I noticed this quote while reading the preview of Days Gone. As a white male myself I'm struggling to see what the issue with my body type being represented as the lead of this game. Especially when stats would tell you that most American biker gang leaders are white males. Are developers no longer free to make the choices they want?


I don't know why you jumped so fast to the conclusion that the reviewer is racist with his article. Look at the sentence you quote: "yet another" clearly indicate that the reviewer doesn't have something against "Gruff White Male Protagonists" in itself but with how often such caracters are used as a protagonist in video games.

And before someone responds to this, don't bring up the BS "target audience" argument because NO the majority of video gamers aren't white, middle aged, trained, bearded bikers.