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This game seems to be aging like Keanu Reeves, everytime I go back in to continue my fresh playthrough I find my jaw dropping over and over. Uc4 felt dated by this point in it's life compared to the first experience and most other games are lucky to make it a year before the flaws around the edges emerge when compared to newer titles, this is so far ahead of it's time that 2 years later it looks as good as any game released and in fact I think the few that have topped it in certain ways, maybe GoW, Detroit in some aspects and for sure Metro Exodus on PC will not age as well as this as the years tick along. When we look back in 5 years or 10 I'd reckon this will be a wind waker like graphical marvel that still holds up due to it's cleaness and how the art was merged into the graphical side in style. It just oozes a feeling of concept art like visuals all around, if the edges can stay clean and I think they will as I can see little ailsing in resolution mode then it'll look better than some of the games that look technically better right now when there is some time between them. A real effing marvel of a game, I'd really hope developers learn from this one.


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