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Hiku said:

Is there a way to turn of the "Caution. Enemy approaching" thing? Because that got annoying quickly when watching the video. Doesn't look terrible, although some things look janky, like the physics when hitting someone with a pipe. And the script has some questionable dialogue, but I like how the mechs look in the game. I might play it. Though not at full price since I have other games to finish.

John2290 said: 
Btw, where the heck is the DMC5 MC thread, Reviews drop tomorrow a d I'd make one but I'm on mobile, my laptop being miles away from me, it's be a pretty barron thread. Someone get on that. Sometjig like 15 hours til the review embargo lifts.

Done. http://gamrconnect.vgchartz.com/thread.php?id=239494

You're a legend. Thank you.  


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