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Oh and yeah, platinum number 40, first in 6 months since Spidrman was re2 remake. I've a good dozen others I could spend a weekend with and platinum nut I've mostly fallen off so it'll most likely be just be Astrobot, with Deracine and No hero's allowed a possibility as they have trophy lists that seem to pop with normal play although I may avoid a No hero's allowed trophy to sidstep the platinum, doesn't feel like a platinum I want nor does Deracine, so I might just not finish that game altogether.

Most likely no.41 will be a game that isn't out yet, I'm betting heavily on DMC5 as DMC reboot was one of my most proud platinums, I felt like a wizard with a controller after platinuming that game, I hope the challenge is he same level here. Sekerio, I'm sure will have the average souls Plat which just takes time.