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JRPGfan said:
Theres barely a month left now.....

I suspect the UK is just going to hard crash out of the EU.
A boarder wall will be built in Ireland, and scotland seeks independence.

If I was a UK citizen I wouldnt have any confidence in my PM anymore, magically solveing the issues when she just wasted 2,5years.

Those of us with out rose tinted glasses knew the were going to be problems from the first week following the vote when the back peddling had already started and Cameron fled to Spain, fact is only one way was going to competently handle this situation but the PM was too scared to do it and wanted to come across as some tough guy MP and failed spectacularly to the point Corbyn has barely had to do anything but let her hang herself even with the entire Tory media spin doctors trying to bring him down they've collapse in huge fashion. What the daft bat should have done is have all these current talks before triggering article 51 while further research is done once all the information is on deck she should have come back to the people with all the information in and had a second referendum if yes then she triggers A51 with a plan in hand.

At this point I wouldn't be surprised if they extend the period and eventually do a U turn.