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GoOnKid said:
AngryLittleAlchemist said:

And I APPRECIATE that point, I make it all the time and I 100% agree with it. People take critics scores way too seriously as some kind of objective judgement of what they should think. But the way you wrote your comment just seems kind of disingenuous, to be honest.

"I think this game delivers what it wants to deliver: it's just mindless unserious fun where you shoot stuff and things go boom. Not more, not less. If someone wants a deeper game that's fine, there are a lot of alternatives. Not every game must be cookie cut to please everyone."

This whole quote reads to me like a way of laying responsibility off the game. Tons of games have come out that were just mindless unserious fun and a lot of them were received much better than Crackdown. The game may "deliver" mindless unserious fun, but tons of games have delivered that better (in the opinion of critics). And that's why it's getting the scores it's getting, because even if the basic concept was achieved the baggage that surrounds the game isn't good. And I think if you asked the developers, their goal for the title wasn't to make a very basic realization of a concept which has been done before. It was to make a great product out of that, and to the critics and a lot of people that doesn't seem to be the final result. Then there's the last part where you imply that "someone" is looking for a deeper game. Critics aren't giving this game low scores because they don't fundamentally understand Crackdown, or because they expected it to be a super complex title for some reason. They just don't think it's that great of a game. A lot of fans don't even seem to like this game anyways, so again, the whole "it's not for everyone" thing doesn't really apply. If it isn't for fans or connoisseurs of the genre, who is it for? Granted, a lot of people like it as well, but that's the point. It's just a mixed result of a game, it's not a misunderstood one.

Also nah, not a jab at you, lol. That's why I didn't reply to you specifically and was replying to the thread in general. I've never seen you make a comment about troll reviews. It It IS a problem I see on this site a lot, though.

I don't think the game is bad myself, I haven't played it. I sure will check out Digital Foundry's video though, I was going to watch their video anyways since one of the Digital Foundry guys said the graphics were impressive. Thanks for letting me know! Didn't know it was out yet.

Okay I can admit that I could have made my point clearer, that's true. I just came into this thread to pat the back of Xbox fans. I think nobody who has ever been interested in this game should be discouraged because it reviewed below average, that was my single intention.

That is a totally fine point. As one reviewer who gave 90 (and I don't think it was unfairly high of him) pointed out. Something  "If you liked Crackdown you'll like Crackdown 3". And yes a bad score shouldn't prevent you from trying a game, even more if you know what it is about and that is the type of thing you like.

KiigelHeart said: 
DonFerrari said:

If no game on PS4 is better than Sea of Thieves for you then certainly PS4 isn't for you. I'll consider you similar to ludicrous. Taste is reversed compared to general gamers and reviewers.

No, without a doubt objectively speaking games like God of War are "better" games than Sea of Thieves and rightfully get better reviews. But I'd rather play Sea of Thieves as it has been one of the most unique and fun gaming experiences. 

I wouldn't say my taste is reversed though, I like plenty of high rated games. Just not all of them. And sometimes absolutely love lower rated games like Quantum Break. I certainly prefer to find stuff that suits my taste rather than being a mr general opinion and this applies to music, movies and literature too.

No problem. I wasn't being sarcastic. You not liking what others/critics like, and liking what others don't is totally fine. You weren't saying GoW is worse than SoT, is that for you it's better, even if because you have more fun.

Understood the second paragraph as well. Yes you shouldn't like/dislike something just because of the score or others liking as well. I love things that most don't like, and also like some they like.

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