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eva01beserk said:
flashfire926 said:

No, it's not a simulation (the horizon series). Simulators are games like Gran Turismo and Project Cars. Games like Forza Horizon and Need for Speed are more arcade racers. 

Heck, in one of the DLC's, you're doing loop de loops on hot wheels tracks:

For the last time, ITS. NOT. A. SIMULATION.

Also, just checked, and at this point in FH3's life it had sold about the same as Horizon 4. So it went up from FH2 to FH3, and stayed flat from FH3 to FH4.

FH2 was a the exeption to the rule out of 11 games, ok that destroyed my argument.

Thats great for FH4, but gamepass was not a thing back in the FH3 days. There where people who dint buy a game at full price and bought it down the line, with gamepass thats gone. I highly doubt this game will sell much more.

I think what you can say is that this is not  a 100% simulation. as the most this series varies is that you can go off road. The gamplay dosent change that much just cuz its an openworld map. But like I said before, people see forza and thats all, like any call of duty is just another call of duty.

Also, Forza Motorsport 2 the first forza on 360 is the worst selling. Your argument has literally held true a grand total of one time.

lets just wait and see how the game sells. Forza normally has good legs.

Its a racing game, just admit it isnt for you, there’s no point of shiiting on it. By tour logic, Bayonetta is a simulator of a woman doing hack and slash combat on mosters, meaning thats its a simulation.

Forza Horizon 4 brought a whole host of new features, its not the same every year. Lets stop with the troll drive/by posts please.

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