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peachbuggy said:
TheMisterManGuy said:
I think Nintendo is only scratching the surface of their 2019 lineup. I think we'll have another Direct in April to show even more unannounced first party games coming in 2019, plus at least one more 2019 reveal at E3. Remember, there could be as many as 11 upcoming first party games, so I think there's more to be seen.

I kind of think that too. I just got the feeling they had so much more they could have shown, especially from 3rd parties and given the rumours. At this point it seems that May is pretty barren from a Nintendo perspective, so i wouldn't be surprised if they had a direct in March given that there have been strong rumours for certain titles from Nintendo and sneaked a May release out of left field and showed some 3rd parties. Or maybe i'm being too optimistic?

Two general Directs in 2 months will not happen, April Direct is definitely possible, but also Pokemon or Animal Crossing Direct are also possible (maybe even this or next month).

Also I agree with some people that some Wii U port would fit great in May, IMO Metroid Prime Trilogy HD or Pikmin 3 would be perfect.

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