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Veknoid_Outcast said:

Eight hours to go!


Do you guys think there will be Zelda news?

There have been rumblings about a 2D Zelda being planned for this year - but whether it's multiplayer, single-player, or the previously rumoured Link's Awakening remake is unclear. It does seem to be a Switch title. It makes sense one would be due this year. Aonuma commented that the handheld and home console styles of Zelda would continue rather than merge into one school of design. Switch also makes a lot of sense for multiplayer Zelda - probably more sense than any system that's hosted one of the multiplayer Zelda titles.

Personally I'd prefer a single-player title over a multiplayer title, even if multiplayer Zelda has a lot of potential on Switch. I'd really like to see a brand new single-player game in the top-down series, or a remake of Adventure of Link.