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Radeon 7 has actually surprised me somewhat.
It's performance still isn't making me run out and buy one though.

In general... Radeon 7 ends up being 5-6% slower than the Geforce 2080, so AMD is back in the high-end... But not Enthusiast/Ultra High-End.

Anandtech has also reaffirmed that Primitive Shaders need developers to support it still and is still disabled.
Vega's Next Gen Geometry isn't being fully used.
Intelligent Workgroup Distributor is working.
Draw Stream Binning Rasterizer is enabled on a per-game basis, basically whenever AMD gets around to enabling it in the drivers.

So there is still some potential performance for Vega to grab eventually... Especially geometry as one of GCN's biggest bottlenecks has always been geometry throughput.