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Evilms said:

A 1080 with console optimization will be more than enough to do better than the PC version. remember J.Carmack :


Playstation 4 really isn't doing double the output of a Radeon 7850/560 though... But roughly the expected line, slightly better. So Carmack is certainly wrong.

I mean shit. The Radeon 7950 can do Battlefield 5 with high settings, 60fps... Which is better than the Playstation 4 and it's not anywhere near double the performance, more like 30-50%.

haxxiy said:

Besides, right now, GTX 1080 hardware or more powerful is less than 5% of all PCs according to the Steam survey, so maybe your notion of "that's not high end" needs a little bit of calibration buddy.

Doesn't matter how comparatively more powerful the GTX 1080 is against the bulk of PC's.
The thing with the PC is you only have to upgrade when you feel the need to, not everyone is chasing 4k.

The GTX 1080 is fairly average hardware in 2019, will likely be mid-range in 2020.

Nate4Drake said:

I'm not sure why some people keep talking about "GTX 1080" performance.  PS5 and Next XBox will use a much more efficient and advanced technology, which is not ready yet.

nVidia is far ahead of AMD in regards to efficiency, AMD's Navi isn't going to change that as it's still Graphics Core Next.

HoloDust said:

Yeah, not sure who staterted all that  GTX1080 nonsense, but I've seen it everal times around here in the past. In real life tests 1080 (~8.8TFLOPS) is indeed trading blows with VEGA 64 (~12.6TFLOPS), but that is on PC where nVidia almost always has better bang per flops, not in singular defined console enviroment.

Now, FLOPS are indeed often useless, even real life tests are of somewhat limited usability...only usable thing might be using something like "8x PS4" (which is already weak for 1080p to 4K UHD jump, in addition to usual extra juice required per generation), and GTX1080 level of performance is way short of even that (it's more like 5x).

Games tend to need more than just FLOPS.
In a scenario where FLOPS (Aka. Single Precision Floating Point) is indeed the only aspect of the GPU being used, AMD's GPU's will beat nVidia's, hands down. (Like Folding/Mining etc'.)

There is so much to a GPU that only focusing on one part of it (Flops) is disingenuous, it is about as useful as Bits or Mhz.

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