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zorg1000 said:
TheBraveGallade said:

It's technically not Nintendo land.

That PS2 audience transitioned directly into the psp audience.

The current PS4 base has pretty much hit the ceiling, but it has that ceiling because it's a home console in an age when some houses don't even HAVE a TV.

Ok, I can see where the PS2 base was split between PSP & PS3 but where did it go after that?

PSP+PS3 did over 30 million, Vita+PS4 is currently under 14 million.

True, Sony probably had higher expectations for the vita  If they want to regain Japan  they'll have to be clever with the ps5 and put forth something that appeals to the portable crowd. Their presence in the rest of the world (especially in Europe) is so strong that I don't see them taking too many risks. 

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