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SpokenTruth said:
Victorlink87 said:

Would you like me to video tape the little over 1.5 hr drive from Corinth MS to Memphis TN? I mean there really isn't any other way. Sorry that my story goes against your preconceived bias.

Do you not realize the Mississippi state flag has the Confederate flag built into it?  Or that Mississippi has 130+ Confederate monuments? They celebrate Robert E. Lee's birthday on MLK day. They have a Confederate Memorial Day in April. 5 counties and/or cities names after Confederate leaders or generals. Hundreds of roads, parks, schools, etc...too.

To suggest you might only see 4 flags over an entire year is illogical.

Not a suggestion an experience.

It would be nice if you could be there for all those dates.

You know who you will see on local TV, hear on local radio and see signs and southerners' social media posts for on MLK day? MLK, no one openly says a word about Robert E Lee except for your occasional 80 year old.

As for the MS state flag. Many places do not fly it anymore. 1 of the 4 was a MS state flag. Besides very few regular everyday people in MS view the state flag as a symbol of racism or whitr supremacy.

As for the monuments, yea an inanimate object means  high levels of racism in a population and systemic racism. Because the actions and words of the people don't matter.

Only illogical because you can't move past your bias.

I invite you to talk to the Confederate Flag people, you will be stunned by the variety of reponses you get that are not inherently racist, hell you might even run into a black guy flying it. (Don't Get Me Wrong, I Hate That Flag because I know what atrocities happened under it)