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WOW Thanks for the topic thread...  Top 3 in increasing order.


3.   Diablo III is a great game ; No it is not as good as Diablo II and it never will be but, it serves its core players and serves them well.  They took flak for taking

steps to eliminate pay to win, even though the AH was popular.  It remains a pure and free to play competitive game, that wasn't afraid to make decisions that ultimately kept the game true to itself.  I think that alone speaks a lot about it.


2.  The Playstation 2 is an inferior system.  Dreamcast 9.9.99  {...And I won't take the time to go into it here... maybe on another thread.}


The one that Aaaaalways brings the hate .... ::

1.  The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time was/is a Terrible game.  ;; I hated this game and I have called it the death of True Zelda games.  To me it turned the entire franchise to shit.

It was empty, boring, waaay over-rated [IT released AFTER Half-Life for Fuck's sake!] and full of chorish quests.   I nicknamed it Choremaster 2000. ...And Majora's Mask isn't even a videogame.  Zelda taking place on one map?? what's the point.  I'm glad Sony made Horizon:Zero Dawn so we can have a real Zelda game to play nowdays!