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I'll admit that some of what I'm about to say may very well be rooted in ignorance and may change with time, but:

-Naughty Dog is overrated, Uncharted is severely overrated

-Uncharted 2 is not really head and shoulders above the other games in the series

-Most of the Switch's first party games that I've played have been majorly disappointing in at least some regard(s), I can't really call any of the titles "one of the best ever" yet.

-The Steam Store is legit good and most of the problems with it are pretty exaggerated (but it still has problems worth fixing)

-Playstation should really make a Playstation All-Stars game, whether it be called Playstation All-Stars 2 or not. Do a reboot/soft-reboot and make a gameplay style that's either wholly unique or more similar to a traditional fighting game, rather than Smash

-Super Mario Odyssey's post-game content is really not that good ....

-Many of Splatoon's conventions are fundamentally flawed and I probably won't like a Splatoon game until they fix them

-Ubisoft and Capcom's studios are theoretically and potentially some of the best - or at least some of the most interesting - developers in the triple A industry, especially considering that their contemporaries are the likes of EA and Activision

-JRPGs have a lot of conventions that are worth criticizing, and honestly it's pretty understandable why the classic JRPG was starting to phase out (though JRPGs are not even as unpopular as people act and are actually becoming pretty mainstream again? ... lol)

-The perception of the indie industry has kind of been hijacked by an elitist narrative that's pretty annoying and doesn't make a lot of sense 

-Pokemon is so uninteresting that at this point the only reason I (and going off discussions I've seen, many people) care about Pokemon is the promise of each game being dramatically different from the last (Black and White, X and Y, Sun and Moon, Gen 8) 

-There shouldn't be a Bloodborne 2

-auteurs in AAA game development should probably be hyped up a tad less than they currently are in the video game industry

-Monolith Soft need to stop making games that look like someone took a pair of glasses and smudged them all over before forcing you to use them


...And that's all I can think of at the moment that's worth writing! 

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