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colafitte said:
Miyamotoo said:

And there is very unlikely that this FY will be 17m, if 2018. FY with weaker lineup, without price cut and revision will be at around 17m.

I was saying around 10m hole time, at end Q3 shipment was 9.4m, that's actually is around 10m. Actualy only surprise is lowered forecasted Q4, 2.5m and that's less than even same period of last year, but we will know in month or two why Nintendo done that (maybe Nintendo will announce Switch Mini soon with launch in April-May and that would clearly effect on Q4 sales of FY 2018). 


But I already gave exact titles (and that's even without 3rd party games) that clearly shows that 2019. lineup will be stronger in any case than 2018. and you ignored that, you saying "not better lineup", but based on what? Certainly not on things we do know, and with  games we dont know lineup can be only much stronger.

But even $50 price difference will make notable boost in sales in any case (first price cut always do that), also its not point only about price cut, revisions itself boost sales. But imagine situation where you having low price point Switch Mini (like Nikkei rumored fey days ago suggested) for around $200, and than at end of year price cut for current Switch at $250.

"If they do that is because they're afraid to drop sales from the year before", this just show you dont know what you talking about, price cuts are not made only when sales are not good, but also when you want much stronger sales or much stronger software sales, or productions costs went down, every console, even best selling consoles of all time had price cuts and most of them had before 3rd year on market, by time cost of production of some console is going down so you have price cut while in same time you can keep same profit margin that you had before price cut.

Oh no, you said you expected 18-19M "at least" by your own words back then when i always said 17-18M at most..You were pretty convinced Switch was capable of doing 20M shipped and i was pretty convined it was going to ship way less than that, don't backpedal now!!. 

I didn't ingnored any comments. Why always says to me that i'm not listening, or i am not getting the point???, ... I AM!!, believe me!!..XDD. Is just that i don't expect any of those games to sell better than Smash+Pokemon 2018+Mario Party combo from 2018, or do you really think the 3 best selling games from Switch in 2019 will surpass the 3 best selling games of 2018? In my case, i don't.

And the $50 price wil make a boost, a boost of 1-1'5M, like i said, but not much more.


How i'm not going to know what i'm talking about if i have been correct in what i expected for Switch this last quarter almost perfectly, (Shipments and VGC sales)????, please don't understimate my opinion like this...I think i deserve some benefit of the doubt at least, don't you think?.

Price cuts are used to avoid selling/profiting less. If you are selling on expectations or even better, you don't low the price, period. 99% of the games in the market low the price after a few months. Nintendo games don't, why??, because they don't need to. The same reason applies here for hardware. Price dops in other consoles never served to jump sales 20-30% from a previous year if that console was already selling well. The times when that happened were when the console was underachieving expectations (3ds in 2011 or PS3 back then in 2008 and 2009). Switch is not doing that. I think sales will be affected this year if there is no price cut. That's why i think there will be a price cut in the line this year (if it's not a revision), and why i expect 17-17'5M (maybe even 18M) shipped this year. If, for whatever reason, Nintendo decides not cutting the price because they feel they don't need to, i'm pretty sure Switch will sell less in 2019 than in 2018.

In summary:

No price cut/revision : Switch ships 16M FY2019

$50 price cut/revision: Switch ships 17-18M FY 2019 (this is my personal bet).

Reasons: 1st half of 2019 being weak in new games, like 2018 was. In the 2nd half of the year Animal Crossing, Pokemon 2019 (if it launch in 2019, something that has yet to be confirmed by the way), Fire Emblem, Luigi's Mansion, and every other game you always name....not surpassing Smash Ultimate, Pokemon 2018, Super Mario Party, rest of games from 2018 saleswise compared to 2017 ones. So in the end, as whole for the year, a good lineup, but not neccesarily better.

Switch doing extremely fine if they sell the same or even a 5% better than last year. Nintendo really happy with that and software/service profits.


This is just my opinion, based in recent and old trajectories from Switch, other Nintendo consoles and the situation of the market in 2019. You are not going to convince me otherwise. So, like always, we should stop here, and we will see who is right in the end.

You wrote that I said "there was no way Switch was going to ship just 9M in Q3", while I was always saying I expecting around 10m. Yeah, I also did said 18m minimum, I will miss it for 1m, big deal. Yeah, I was convinced that 20m is possible, not that Nintendo will dot that mark definitely. I don't backpadall nothing, I stand by things I said, I was saying around 10m in Q3 and 3m+ in Q4, and that will mean Switch will do minimum 18m+, and that around 11m in Q3 and Q4 is possible and that can hit 20m. Like I wrote, Q3 is around expected, but forecasted Q4 is less than expected.

Pokemon Gen 8 + Animal Crossing can easily sell more than Smash Bros + Pokemon Lets Go and to be even bigger system seller games, but its not point only about those two games, point is that Switch had lower than expected sales from April until September (so two quarters) because it didnt had system seller game until November didnt had good enough library of games (Labo, Mario Tennis and Octopath Traveler were only new exclusive games in 6 months). Like I wrote before (and you did ignored that my post with clear facts), just currently confirmed 2019. games: NSMBU DX, Yoshi, Pokemon Gen 8, Animal Crossing, Fire Emblem, Luigi's Mansion 3, Daemon X Machina, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, Town...in same period of last year what we know about 2018. lineup was only Kirby, Mario Tennis, Donkey Kong TF and Hyrule Warriors DE and that was years first Direct that Switch this year yet to have. More about that in this thread.


You cant know how much boost first price cut can gave, and its not point only boost from price cut.


Broken clock can be right two times on day, you were more right about hardware sales than I but you were quite wrong when comes to software sales (for Smash and Pokemon). And yes, when you can say something like: "If they do that is because they're afraid to drop sales from the year before", you dont know what are you talking about.

You again show you dont know what are you talking about, why all best selling consoles (PS2, DS, PS4, Wii and PS1) had price cuts in most cases in 2nd year on market? Because Sony and Nintendo wanted even better sales than they were before price cut or because production costs were down so they could maintain same profit margin despite price cut. Again, its not point only about price cut, its point about revision also (espacily if we talk about $200 price point revision) and stronger lineup of games, so combination of all those things. Nintendo didnt want to cut price in 2018. because it was too early and/or because revision is coming in 2019. every console had price cut latest in 3. year on market and 90% of them before end of 2. year on market.


We are deffinatly getting low price revision this year and very possible price cut for current Switch model (or in worst case bundle with one game at same price point).

We talking about FY sales, and 2019. FY starts on April 1., you dont know even full lineup even for April not to mention full quarter. Despite we dont know full April releases, games that are currently confirmed for April are: Mortal Kombat 11, Dragon Ball Heroes, Final Fantasy X/X-2, Final Fantasy XII, Dragon’s Dogma, Darksiders..much stronger lineup of games than in 1st 3 months of this years combined or than in 1st 3 months of last year combined. This clearly shows that Nintendo dont care too much about FY 2018 Q4 but they want very strong start of FY 2019. Actualy all games Switch that are already announced for 2019. are last week reconfirmed like 2019. releases, and Nintendo said there will not be delays, they also said they have more announced games for 2019. (offcourse they have, they will not talk about hole FY 2019. lineup before FY 2019. even started).

3DS will be dead soon and Switch will be only their platform moving forward, they want Switch to much bigger than in its, thats why like rumors saying we are getting low price point Switch Mini that will be focused on handheld play, so to reach lower price point on market also.


I get your opinnion, but it based on some wrong things like that 2019. lineup will not be stronger than 2018. or that you dont understand how price cuts works and what are all points of price cuts (its not only when consoles is not selling like expected).

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