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noname2200 said:
Miyamotoo said:
Talking about unannounced games, this are some of unannounced games for this year that are hinted buy insiders:

-2D Zelda
-Star Fox Grand Prix
-Labo 4
-Metroid Prime Trilogy
-Wii U port (Super Mario 3d World / Pikmin 3)
-Platinum IP

I might be mistaken, but weren't multiple insiders claiming Metroid Prime 4 was looking great and would be at the game awards show?

No, just one said insider said that he heard MP4 looking great and insiders more expected to see Metroid Prime Trilogy HD on TGA and because that they expected to see MP4 also. In any case, insiders cant be always right because plans internally do changes. Talking about Metroid Prime Trilogy, several insiders said that game is already done, and that isnt only game that's finished on which Nintendo sits.


sethnintendo said: 
Just announce the fucking game. We already know 2019 lineup is looking a little bare besides 3 to 4 system sellers. I hate all this fucking teasing and keep people in dark. Do a fucking direct and let people know what the hell is coming.

Patient, we will have Direct soon, but you cant really expect in any case they will announces hole FY 2019. lineup in one Direct before that FY even started.