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Faelco said:


Biggerboat1 said:


Yeah, those are the figures that matter. Having a revenue-measuring contest is kind of pointless imo...

In 2012 Amazon had a revenue of 61 billion & a profit of... -39 million...

No, revenue is far from a unimportant figure.

Sure, Amazon loses money regularly. Netflix maybe too. But their revenue keep growing, showing that they lose money but expand their business, their customer base, their reach. It's a strategy for some companies to sacrifice the profit for the growth.

Profit is important, of course, but revenue allows you to see the "size" of the company. Surely some small online shopping companies have a better profit than Amazon, but does that mean that Amazon is losing to them? No. 

Both are important and go together, you can't say "this one doesn't matter, give me the other one".

It's an unimportant figure as far as us, on this forum, comparing it between console manufacturers. Of course, in the board rooms of companies around the globe they'll have projections/strategies/goals etc. that will include revenue but saying PSN generates more revenue than Nintendo is kind of a pointless observation, especially when we're comparing a store front, which will be passing on a large chunk of it's income onto 3rd party developers...