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No way, the SNES generation was good but so was the NES along with the N64. The GCN generation was their weakest, but picked back up during the Wii era. RIght now could possibly be Nintendo at their best.

SMB 1-3
Zelda 1-2
Kirby Adventures
Excite Bike
Duck Hunt
Adventures of Lolo 3

However, the SNES took many of these games and just made them better. Was Nintendo at their most creative? One could argue and say that the NES was far more creative as all the games listed above would not exist if it where not for the NES.

If you look at Nintendo their games have alwasys gotten better, alwasys... Especially Mario games. The only time Nintendo games as a whole took a back step was during the GCN era and part of that was because most of their major franchies just felt unfinished...

Super Mario Sunshine
Zelda: The Wind Waker
Wave Race Blue Storm
Mario Party 4-7 (overkill)
StarFox Adventure
Kirby Air Ride
Mario Kart Double Dash

Not saying any of these games are bad, as a mater of fact most of their are really really good. However, when you compare them to their N64 entries, they just dont have that Nintendo overall polish. Most of the games I listed above just feel like they are missing something.