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TheBlackNaruto said:
Kai_Mao said:

Probably part of the surprise is that Smash Bros. Ultimate is not only selling well, but allowed the Switch to move so much hardware that it broke records. Sure, Smash is a system seller, but I don't believe at this level. 1.77 million Switch units were sold in the U.S. during the month of December, the highest amount of units in a month sold in this generation, especially considering that the Switch did really well in November and that the PS4 has dominated this generation but has not been able to post even these kinds of numbers during the holidays.

True but taking in to account that(if I am not mistaken) December is always the biggest sales month for Nintendo. Added with the hottest new gaming until being the Switch and the biggest Nintendo release in history the sales add up pretty well for December. Has Sony ever REALLY been "big" in Dec like Nintendo? I am genuinely asking because I don't know for sure. But from my memory I don't ever remember it being.

Here is a PS4 breakdown of November and December. (and October bonus)


Nov: 1.14

Dec: .86

2014: 2.20

Oct: .300 (13.6%)

Nov: .83 (37.7%)

Dec: 1.07 (48.6%)

2015: 3.40

Oct: .280 (8.2%)

Nov: 1.54 (45.3%)

Dec: 1.58 (46.5%)

2016: 2.905

Oct: .235 (8.1%)

Nov: 1.1  (37.9%)

Dec: 1.57 (54.0%)

2017: 2.865

Oct: .205? (7.1%)

Nov: 1.58 (55.1%)

Dec: 1.08 (37.7%)

2018: 2.638

Oct: .340 (11%)

Nov: 1.478m (56%)

Dec:  .820 (31%)

December 2018 was abnormally low and October was a bit higher. Overall is down due to December. Sony has big holidays whenever it's December is also big.