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AngryLittleAlchemist said:
TalonMan said:
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Are you implying that Rol isn't as important as Machina? Hm ... for some reason I find that hard to wrap my head around ... 

That all depends on what we mean by important. If it is functionality, very few people come anywhere near Machina on this site. If we're talking for the community ~ well, I don't generally judge who's better/worse there, but again, it goes back to function. Without people like Machina, Talon, Trucks, etc... we wouldn't even have a site. Or our Writers, Data Staff (like Trunks, who works very, very hard to bring us those numbers). 

Then, there are our Moderators, who also work very hard to make sure the site is secure and fun for everyone who joins. Popularity is considered in the hiring process, because why not hire someone who many people like, right? But, it goes beyond that. It is not something I'll look at with the utmost certainty of who'd be a good mod. Other things are as important...

  • Does this user report posts that need attention?
  • How is this user's moderation history?
  • How do they treat (or have they treated) staff and users alike?
  • Do they bring strong insight into their discussions?
  • Would they moderate people in and outside of their prefered companies/devices?

There's plenty to consider, but we're definitely looking for people that are well-rounded. No, a moderation history does not automatically mean you're unqualified (though, going forward, it will play a bigger role, much like it did when Naz was still doing this). I could very well hand-pick a mod or two, as well. Said person(s) would have to follow the same guidelines, but good behavior and a mutual respect from users will help these individuals a little more.

And, the final (and one of the most crucial) I'll particularly look at is accountability. Someone who can see faults (in themselves and others), but will use them as teachable moments, rather than a constant stern hand. 


All that considered, anyone should apply. You never know what will happen and you have nothing to lose, and much to gain, from doing so!

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