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Bofferbrauer2 said:
colafitte said:

Oh thanks for that 2017 number. I was searching everywhere but i couldn't find it. So another big market in Europe in the 20-30% growth YOY then.

You could just have looked in the comments. By that however, 2017 Switch numbers were 340K as the total is apparently 730K

340K in 2017 instead of 300k? Thank you for the info. So a 15% growth instead of 30%...

By the way, i want to point out, that i was asking for a country with a 100% growth YOY and we already had one in Portugal. If 50k in 2018 (because 50k was just 2018 and not lifetime sales right?) and 20k from 2017 are official confirmed numbers then there is a 150% growth. So if the rest of countries in Europe are on par with this my theory will be wrong.

I'm not afraid of being wrong, i will be the first to admit if that happens, but we need way more than just Portugal to convince me.