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Rab said:
S.Peelman said:
Eh. 99.9999% of animals that existed are extinct. The couple that’s out fault are a drop in the pond.

Not in such a small time scale, we are harming the ecology far faster than anything baring an asteroid impact  

My comment was half joking, but it has a bit of truth.

You are right in that we are doing things we needn’t be doing to the environment. I like animals, and hate poachers and other cruelty. However, humans are arrogant to think we can do anything to really ruin the planet and have a definitive impact in the grand scheme of things.

Our time here is but a blink on the lifespan of the Earth. Before us, lifeforms evolved and died out. Continents formed and got washed away. Volcanoes spewed, and still do, the same amount of CO2 into the air that we as a species in our entire existance do. After we are go away ourselves, new lifeforms will rise and die out again. Climates will continue to change. Even oil, coal and mineral reserves will replenish in time.

That said, I agree that for us, even if not necessary for the wellbeing of the planet, then at least for our own comfort, we can be less destructive. We don’t need to blast high amounts of CO2 into the air anymore when we have technology that makes that obsolete. We don’t need fur coats, or animal fluids for medicine.