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Jumpin said:
VAMatt said:

I think you mean Link, not Zelda.  

Haha, sorry, it's a bit of an outdated joke. Many were not aware that "Zelda" was a feminine name, and assumed that was the name of the hero featured in the game - especially non-English playing an English version that didn't understand the story saying the heroes name was Link.

Actually his name isn't really Link either. That is a placeholder name referencing him as the"link" in the triforce. Nearly all Zelda games allow you to name the hero, and since nearly every Zelda game starts with a new boy who doesn't know he will be the hero, and  refers to past links by subtitle only, aka Hero of Time,  Link is just a placeholder. It wasn't until more modern games that you heard Link being referenced to as Link exclusively in the audio script. So I don't know if that is simply done in those instances or if Nintendo actually wants every boy hero throughout time to now be called the same name, Link, which doesn't make sense. Zelda is always called Zelda due to tradition and Ganon is always the same character, but "link" is a unkown yet destined choosing, supposedly.

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