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EricHiggin said:
vivster said:

But how does that hold up to the fact that the most prosperous nations are also among the most secular while the poorest nations are fairly religious?

Jesus was a human like all of us and had the same human flaws like we do. So yes, I can say about myself that I am at least quite similar to a human like Jesus.

Well in America for example, the left has seen the light and is making it super clear that the faithless white devils are destroying the world. If only we were more like the poorer religious nations, then everything would be set right. Seems ironic the much more religious rural Americans (in the south) are looked down upon by many, considering they are the majority who lay down their lives for a tonne of people, not just Americans, who will never be tied to them in any manner. I wonder why they are willing to do that, while so many other non religious Americans aren't? It's also pretty normal for poor people to become religious. When you have nothing what else are you going to do?

There is also the case that most people in prosperous nations, like the west, tend to believe in the overall rules and guidelines the society abides by, for the most part. The west is built on religious teachings and values. That may not be evident in today's world, which it's not for most, since people are more concerned about what's on the surface then what's underneath.

Can you turn water into wine without physically tampering with it? Physically heal people by simply touching them? I can't as a typical human, can you? If people had that kind of power, which let's assume can be used for good or bad depending on the person, how many of them would use it in the manner Jesus did, with vast restraint and for good?

It doesn't really matter where the values come from. Being nice to other humans is a logical conclusion for a society to thrive and has been underlined by multiple revolutions in history. The behavior is biological and can be observed in numerous species who don't have a concept of god. I don't have to thank clerics for humans employing common sense, especially when they're the ones with least of it.

I can't perform miracles and neither could Jesus, because he was a human. Last time I checked humans don't have magic powers. Humans today have the power to heal illness and help the poor and sick with technology and intricate social systems. In fact our capability to help human beings far outclasses those of Jesus,even if he had them, because we can apply them on a global scale. And we do. Every single day. People use their power to help others without any ties to religion or thinking of Jesus. Thank you, science and technology for doubling our life expectancy since the days of Jesus Christ. You know, that thing that Jesus wasn't able to do because he was just a human without any knowledge or technology.

If you demand respect or gratitude for your volunteer work, you're doing volunteering wrong.