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DélioPT said:

"the science-fiction claims where he performed various "miracles" are yet to be substantiated with any empirical evidence"
The science-fiction claims? Really? Way to show respect! :)

I just want to touch on this briefly, because respect is an important issue to me.

People, generally, are worthy of respect, until they prove otherwise -- which is not an evaluation to be made lightly. It is important to extend the "benefit of the doubt," and when you run into someone who is wrong on a point (extending even unto their core belief system), it is best to assume that they have made honest errors, and are yet intelligent, good people, insofar as you are able.

However. There is a huge difference between showing respect to people and respecting the beliefs that they hold. I respect many Christians but I do not respect Christianity, which I do not consider merely "wrong," but on-balance destructive to human life and happiness.

"Hate the sin, love the sinner." Christians may deserve respect on a case-by-case basis, and as I said, the best default position is to extend that respect so long as you're able; but Christianity itself deserves no such thing.