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EricHiggin said:

I also wonder with it being an apocalyptic zombie game, if PS would want to somewhat limit it's scope to a degree, so it doesn't overshadow TLOU2 in any way. Allowing Days Gone to come up a bit short might be worth it for PS to make sure TLOU2 blows peoples minds and sets records. That wouldn't mean Days Gone would necessarily suck either. I think PS could fairly easily combat this by just making sure there is a year or more gap between those two titles.

Yes, Sony will limit the scope of the game by allowing the devs to delay the game and put in more money and man hours to polish it up so that it is not only in better shape, but also nearer to TloU2 when that launches.

This thread is weird.

Tlou2 doesn't need propping up. It alone can overshadow most games this year or even next, with relative ease.