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HoangNhatAnh said:
The Fury said:

Too big? Main FF7 can be completed in a comfortable 30 hours. Their remake has got to add so much content to fit the opening 4 to 5 hours, which is mostly cut scenes and story telling (characters moved slower in FF7 compared to other, no voice lines so you had to read everything) from Midgar, I'm actually at a loss of how they do it unless filling the game with needless busy work and extra story that doesn't matter considering we know the story.

I expect the full game in 2030, or 1997. :P

If i remember correctly, they will add all 5 parts of FFVII into this remake. That is why it is so big

They never said this. FF7 remake is only FF7. The only difference is that stuff from the other games will exist within the context of the game's story and not feel like they were added after the fact (like in the original compilation). But it is not these games being added, merely references to events etc. 

The reason the game is so big is because environments are being made bigger. and fully explorable in a 3D space (such as how Midgar seems to be expanded in the footage we have seen)