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Jumpin said:

I still believe they have some nation-wide John Ruskin syndrome going through the country.

For example, here's a common theme in Japanese art:


A toddler's head stuck on a body with big globular tits - and this may not seem like a big deal because of how fucking ridiculous it is until you find the Japanese are big porn addicts (4th highest volume of internet porn consumption in the world), and the sort of porn they watch is "unusual" to say the least. The top search term for the country is "hentai" - so they're literally attracted to fake women. Also among the top terms are also "3D, and hentai 3D," and "schoolgirl" etc... And it doesn't take Sherlock to see they have a serious obsession with youth. And if they're growing up their teen years training their brain to be attracted to these "women."

When guys are looking around Japan, instead of the 4-year-old girl's head surgically transplanted onto an older body with giant tits (and a cartoon), they see this:

I imagine they're awfully confused from a sexual standpoint. I am no psychologist, but if John Ruskin's "these women don't look like the Greek women from the paintings" excuse was legit, you have to imagine the Japanese are suffering from the same thing.

Can I get a source on that Japanese art?