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colafitte said:

I must still live in another dimension regarding this topic, seriously. How is going to reach 20M SHIPPED by March if Switch is going to end SELLING around 16-16'5M in 2018 ?(is around 13M with 3 weeks left to end the year). By Q3 official numbers, Swith should be around 32M SHIPPED, so add another 2M, 3M max for Q4 and you have 35M at most and 34M at worst. To reach 20M shipped they need to be close to 38M by March end. In other words...is not happening.

This is precisely why me and a few others have invested in shares...It is because most of people don't see it happening.

Consider also that a 19M would only mean a miss by 5%, which should be considered as a victory as well.

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