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WhatATimeToBeAlive said:

Yeah, the point of this thread was to ask people what games could become the highest rated game of this generation on Metacritic. How else could I do it other than saying that RDR2 is currently the highest rated game of this generation on Metacritic. Which is true.

You don't count games scores by combining different console versions together, and I couldn't even do that because I don't work at Metacritic. Who knows which game would then be the more higher rated. But in that case you should also add BotW WiiU score (96 something), which would most likely make RDR2 the higher rated one.

There's no human on this planet would use the least review version as an argument except you.

But the Xbox version of RDR2 is the one that a game has to top on the Metacritic list to become more higher rated.

Would you say that if Cyberpunk 2077 on PS4 got 100 reviews and a score of 97, but would be below RDR2 Xbox One, that it would then be more higher rated/equal?

What is the point of that Metacritic list if games can't be compared if they have different amount of reviews, and as a result everything would be only 96, 97... That would also mean that a game which score is the lowest 97 on the list would be regarded as equal to the highest 97 game on the h list. But the highest 96 would be viewed lower than the lowest 97, even though their actual score would be almost the same.

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