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Red Dead Redemption 2 is the highest rated current generation (PS4, Xbox One, Switch) game on Metacritic. What game/games (announced or games that you think will be announced in the future) do you think has the potential to surpass its Metacritic score?

In my opinion only two games have a decent chance of achieving this. Last of Us 2 and Cyberpunk 2077 (and GTA 6). Although Cyberpunk 2077 has to "conquer" the fact that not everyone is going to like its first person camera angle.

And in case if some answer Zelda (Breath of the Wild 2), I don't think that it will surpass RDR 2. If it's "only" similar and improved version of BotW, it will most likely score lower than 97. It would have to be as big of a game changer as BotW to score as well or better. It most likely can't improve much graphically (at least if it's released on this generation), and making as impactful gameplay changes as BotW is going to be really hard (feel free to give ideas what new they could do). And unless they decide to focus much more on story and characters, which is unlikely, it's not going to bring anything new to the table on that front.

But for example in Last of Us 2's case, its graphics are going to be a big improvement from the first game. It will have new story and characters, which is even bigger advantage in this case since it's a series that has heavy focus on story and characters. Its gameplay will most likely be similar compared to the first game, but based on the gameplay trailer the combat looked so spectacular that it was hard to believe that it was actual gameplay. And I don't think that anyone is expecting Last of Us to change its gameplay to full blown shooter or open-world, or implement lots of vehicle sections.

 So what are your own game options/opinions about those arguments and games mentioned above?

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