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There are only three correct answers here...

OG XBox did a lot but gets little recognition.

VITA was a great handheld with a lot of great games especially Japanese games. The problem here was no 1st party support from Sony.

The WiiU was a decent home console with great games, but was underpowered for what it was, mismarketed, and lacked proper 3rd party support.

Every other console gets recognition regardless of performance or flat out sucks, so I do not see the point in picking them. With that in mind, I vote OG XBox as it had far less mistakes than the other two did. It simply just went through the pressure of being the new kid on the block and people did not jump on it as much as they could have.




Sega Saturn also deserves credit, but fell victim to possibly the WORST launch strategy in gaming history.  My vote still goes to OG XBox.

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