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1up.com made some E3 predictions and one of them was the Hard Drive for the Wii.

The argument sounds pretty sound.



The Evidence: As more and more Virtual Console content became available, gamers started wondering where they were supposed to store everything. Technically, Nintendo allows you to delete games off the internal memory, store them on an SD card and download them again at no additional charge, but most would rather have everything available to them at all times, so a hard drive accessory seems natural for the hardcore gamers wanting it all. So far, though, Nintendo's said that's not in the cards.

As with anything, that isn't necessarily true, especially considering Nintendo most recently announced Wii Ware, a new software development platform to debut on Wii not unlike Xbox Live Arcade and what's been featured on the PlayStation Store. Studios were just introduced to Wii Ware, however, which means games aren't actually anticipated until early in 2008. Still, the hints have been there all along, with Telltale GamesSam & Max episodic games onto Wii at some point, eventually leading to a public outcry until Nintendo got in touch with them. being one of the original instigators. The studio expressed an interest in getting the

While Telltale isn't officially bringing Sam & Max to Wii Ware (yet), it seems a likely target, but regardless, original software is going to quickly outstrip the memory sizes of the 8-bit, 16-bit and 64-bit releases we've seen so far. Nintendo has shot down previous rumors about a hard drive, even passing on a flat out "no" after the Wii Ware announcement was made.

Lending more credence to the idea that Nintendo needs a hard drive for Wii was the April announcement that SNK's planning to bring Neo Geo onto Virtual Console in the coming months and the immense size of those games suggests a hard drive would be necessary.

The Verdict: Nintendo's already announced the Wii Ware concept, but no partnerships. E3 seems like a good time for them to parade some signed on publishers and developers and confirm the add-on. There, however, lies their biggest problem: it's an add-on. Can Nintendo convince gamers picking up an optional accessory is worth the extra change?



What do you think?

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