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0D0 said:
I want to play it, but it also gets a lot of hate .. they call it point and click game or whatever

In  a certain way.... this kind of game is reminiscent of the point-and-click genre that was hugely popular in the 90´s on PC Gaming. It has a similar feel in terms of gameplay (given it´s 3D instead of 2D) but it is not as puzzle-heavy as those games were back in the day. Instead, it´s more focused on decision-making, story and (sometimes) branching paths.

What makes me wonder why some so-called "seasoned gamers" or "hardcore gamers", when reviewing interactive dramas, have such hard time digging the concept and are always falling on the same "it´s not a game" falacy. I mean, people who actually experienced those kind of games back in the day, they were expected to be more open-minded when reviewing it, even if it´s not their favorite genre.

That said, I do understand that this genre may not please certain audiences. It has a demo, I´d recommend give it a try.