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SKMBlake said:
Shiken said:

This is true.  In fact, seeing how many games were cross gen or ports during the 2 years of the PS4 or X1, I do not see how anyone can rightfully complain about them.  I had plenty of current gen 3rd party content to keep me busy too.


However, there is no denying this was a subpar year overall.  2017 was fantastic, this year was just ok.  Next will blow 2017 out of the water though.

Yeah but you can't release a 97 metacritic game every 2 months. Managing to do so 6 month appart is one of the biggest achievement in gaming history.

Eh, The Legend of Zelda only released so close to Mario because of the Switch's launch. It probably would have released a few months earlier had the Switch not been a priority.