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Wyrdness said:
Baddman said:
you guys care to expand why you feel which game is better? I don't have the game yet btw

Ulitmate not only has more content but also better character viability among the tier list with a meta that is very diverse due to the game's approach each character I've played as and fought has something in their tool set that has to be respected if due to the overarching mechanics and the game's meta. For example Luigi who is currently seen as lower in the tier can rip 70% off you with in one or two grab combos meaning he can still kill you with ease regardless highlighting that tier list is not as big a factor in this game which if you're competitive gives you more choice on who to main among the 70+ characters as weaker characters from before are still really good.

The World of Light so far is a worth while single player that helps you learn to grasp the game as well, the are a load of custom modes and options to play the game how you like, the training options as well are good with DI indictators, tradjectory markers and a frame by frame options where you can analyze moves by every frame.

 sounds good as Luigi is one of my mains