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Kerotan said:
Bristow9091 said:

This comment is so underrated

Many people have made this comment before. Possibly even trucks in the past. 

Jigsawx1 said:

bro you are right on this, political correctness should not be in videogames but there is also another thing that  i call " call of duty mentality"

" oh i get fucked from this guy so i quit and search a new game"

if you win you play alone and if you loose your teammates leave also, i think it has something to do with the point that parents are telling their children all the time they are greatest and if they loose a videogame  something in their brain is collapsing........

1 tip from my side mute yourself so you can call them wanker or whatever you want how often you want.

Haha great reply. Me and my buddies clean up on call of duty. Especially cod4 remastered. Destroy lobbies. And not verbally, just plain old killing. Beast mode activated. 


And guess what happens, as soon as we start beating them they quit. If anybody ever beats us we see it as a challenge and won't leave until we get a win. I suppose you are right, today's gamer can't handle the heat. 

Wyrdness said:

The's a difference between banter and just being toxic and not everyone is looking for either when they log into an online session and it's not often a case of people going soft but more a case of people today just don't put up with it after Live highlighted how people can behave like jackasses online back then it showed you give people an inch they take a mile so now they don't even offer that inch anymore.

There's literally a feature that allows you to either turnoff the chat or only see team chat. Then there's a mute option. So why do they leave it on if they can't handle the heat?


I'd say 1 in 2 or 3 games if I make a bad attempt to save my random team mate will sarcastically say "what a save". So this is very common. 


The other day I was playing with a guy and he missed a save so I said it sarcastically but only once. I didn't spam it. So he just stops and types play by yourself the. So he drives around in circles for the next 5 mins while I play, occasionally crying in the chat about how annoying I am. I score 5 goals and we lose 6 5.


So this dude clearly has issues. Why does he leave the chat on? Is he trying to trigger himself? 

People shouldn't have to turn off mics because they're finding one person toxic so instead they'll just report you to remove the person as a factor instead of being forced to turn their mics off.