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SpokenTruth said:
LiquorandGunFun said:
broward is a joke. democrats are a joke. snipes runs a circus.

1) unbelievable how some want to count illegal votes from illegals! really? 2) not to mention no oversite is allowed by the democrat snipes. this process needs to be transparent, as it has NOT been at all, not to mention 3) all these "ballots: being found in odd places, and how is it that 4) a part of florida that was basically destroyed still could get in the votes and follow the law?

its so sdad and almost hilarious how some defend this whole thing? some just dont give a shit if the law is followed if its their person in power.

OK, this is enough.  You keep outright lying.

1. Nobody wants to count votes from illegal aliens.  Shame on you for suggesting such nonsense.

2. There is oversight.  The provisional ballot validation in Palm Beach County was live streamed with lawyers from both parties overseeing it.  I know because I watched it.  Here is a video of it.  The recounts themselves are overseen by lawyers from both parties.  This is required by law and is being followed.  Unless you can prove otherwise, stop lying.

3. Most of the "found" ballets are simply provisional ballots that always come in after the election date by the very nature of being a provisional ballot.  If you don't want to count provisional ballots, change the law.

4. Not only are they not on time, but they received accommodations because of Hurricane Michael AND their SOE is violating the law by allowing email ballots.

Sure..  your so slanted left you would buy anything your told by the left.

1. the law has been violated several times, ballots illegally destroyed and mixed with legal ballots.

2. after all the shennanigans, there will never be a real clear numebr of legit voter ballots counted.


The Miami Herald reported that Snipes included 22 ballots in the total that were cast by voters whose signature did not match the signature on file. Ballots with mismatched signatures are considered “illegal” under state law, which is designed to stop voter fraud.

But Snipes included them anyway in a batch of 205 provisional ballots. Once the votes were mixed together, the anonymous votes couldn’t be determined. So they were just included, Snipes told the paper, because “it seems unfair to me to disenfranchise 205 voters at the expense of a small number.”

The day before, a court forced Snipes to provide Scott’s campaign data about who voted in the election and the remaining votes to be counted — information she should have had at her ready disposal and easily rendered under Florida public records law.

Republicans charged that Snipes also failed to follow a state law requiring results to be updated every 45 minutes. Instead, tens of thousands of votes would be dumped into the state system — sometimes late at night — causing the margins in the major races to shrink as the ballots from the Democrat-heavy county poured in.

Heading into the election, Snipes’ office was being monitored by Scott administration officials after she lost a May court case for the unlawful destruction of ballots. Marring her résumé further, around the same time Snipes lost another court case over the way she privately handled absentee ballots outside the view of the county canvassing board, a three-member panel that meets in public to handle ballot controversies and certify local elections.

In Palm Beach County, Election Supervisor Susan Bucher also was slow to report results and continued counting ballots on Saturday. She was sued by the Scott campaign for her office’s decision to have staff duplicate at least 650 damaged ballots. The law says the ballots should go first to the county’s canvassing board.

“The language [of the law] is unambiguous that it is for the canvassing board to make the determination,” Circuit Court Judge Krista Marx on Saturday scolded Bucher, whom she also chastised for blowing a court-imposed deadline. “It’s my opinion zip-a-dee-doo-dah has been done to comply,” the judge said.

Bucher, in turn, picked a fight with the press and tried to block cameras from recording the canvassing board. She also attacked President Donald Trump, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) and Scott for their claims that the process was marked by fraud or Democrats trying to “steal” the election.


its a fucking fix, not a lie. spoken truth, LOL Right!

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