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So apparently there really was voter fraud in Florida.

"Whoa - @NBCNews/@TODAYshow reporting that “in mostly Republican Bay County, an untold number of survivors of Hurricane Michael emailed their ballots.”"

.@BayVotes SOE said he “told” @KenDetzner’s office he was going to accept emailed ballots and did not “wait for permission.”

Now that everyone is on this story, it’s important to note that @BayVotes is pretty certain that other Panhandle counties impacted by hurricane were open to email voting. “I never asked for approval,” he said. “I just told others what I was doing, along with other supervisors.”

"The election supervisor in hurricane-wracked Bay County allowed some voters to illegally cast ballots by email — an act specifically prohibited by Gov. Rick Scott when he issued an emergency order to expand voting opportunities there after the storm. "

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