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Kerotan said:
PortisheadBiscuit said:

Lol. Where is ol' CliffRick anyway? Been kinda silent lately 

Well that 10 day ban was followed by a 2 week ban so he won't be back until Black Friday.

Barkley said:

Switch > XBO > PS4 according to this tool.

Ratios - Switch 1, XBO 0.74, PS4 0.66.

I just can't see it working out like that for October. When do we get results? 

MasonADC said:

Even then, being in first by three times the closer competitor is a really strong start. We also have October results to look forward too

Again I just can't see it. IMO PS4 will beat Switch for October and November. 

I can't see it winning October either, but November is to crazy for me to predict, so anything could happen.  It definitely won't be as big as a gap like last year November. Plus, maybe the smash bundle did wonders for the october npd