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piggychan said:
this game has so many frustrating moments but still I can't stop playing. even if at times I just have to reset the game because of said moments and load up previous save .. I'm just blown away by the details. Some parts in the game look rough but most of it looks astonishing especially on XB1X. I like this more than Witcher III and maybe more than AC Origins and perhaps BoTW.


Nice shots! Have you tried disabling HDR on the XBX? (Seems to be missing in game settings, you have to do it in system settings) That improves black level, it seems rather bright in town at night in that gif. Unfortunately HDR doesn't seem to add anything and only ruins deep blacks. Besides that you are restricted to YUV422 in HDR, half the color information for the horizontal axis instead of 4:4:4 full RGB. With HDR you basically throw half the advantage the X has away. (You still get 3840x2160 grey scale, yet only 1920x2160 color with HDR on, unless you use a HDMI 2.1 display)

John2290 said:
I've never loved a game so much that has so many poor design decisions and frustrating systems. Thankfully, for the stuff that doesn't get better as the game progresses, they should be easily rectified if Rockstar can hear the complaints through the noise.

I reload more in this game than any other, and avpid story missions more than in any other. At least it leads to many creative ways to have fun!