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Soundwave said:
JRPGfan said:

In terms of Graphics performance:
Switch = ~393 Gflops (docked)
Xbox One = 1,310 Gflops (this is the non-S version, the weakest Xbox)

Differnce is like 300%+ when docked (x3 performance).

But if your argument is its a tablet thats 3/4ths as powerfull as a Xbox One......  Your wrong, when its in handheld mode its only ~157 Gflops.
Theres a massive differnce between the Switch as a handheld and a xbox one, it doesnt get close to 3/4ths the performance.

Differnce is like 800%+ when handheld (x8 performance).


3/4ths of 1310 Gflops = 982 Gflops.
The Switch doesnt do FP32 at that rate or anywhere close to it.

The Tegra X1 in Switch? No. 

This Apple A12X? Quite possibly. Wouldn't surprise me at all if its 3-5x stronger of a chip. Wouldn't surprise me either if Nvidia also has a similar chip to this in the prototype stages that Nintendo might want to take a look at. When Tegra X1 launched it was basically about as good as the Apple A9X (the equivalent chip at that time) only it was on less efficent node (20nm instead of 10nm). 

Dude... did you read the guy I quoted?

He was saying "The switch is at least three quarters of an xbone" so this is to be expected.
Also Apple is without a doubt lying or twisting facts to get their tablet looking more powerfull than it is.

Mobile version of NBA 2k19.... who cares really?

Atmost I expect it ll beat the Switch version in terms of graphics, but suspect both the xbox one & PS4 will beat this apple tablet.