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TheBraveGallade said:
The switch is at least three quarters of an xbone at only 30 percent more expensive while being a portable with actual controllers. Try again apple.

In terms of Graphics performance:
Switch = ~393 Gflops (docked)
Xbox One = 1,310 Gflops (this is the non-S version, the weakest Xbox)

Differnce is like 300%+ when docked (x3 performance).

But if your argument is its a tablet thats 3/4ths as powerfull as a Xbox One......  Your wrong, when its in handheld mode its only ~157 Gflops.
Theres a massive differnce between the Switch as a handheld and a xbox one, it doesnt get close to 3/4ths the performance.

Differnce is like 800%+ when handheld (x8 performance).


3/4ths of 1310 Gflops = 982 Gflops.
The Switch doesnt do FP32 at that rate or anywhere close to it.

Switch = 393 Gflops (docked) & 157 Gflops (handheld)

Not to mention theres huge differnces in memory bandwidth & memory pool size.
Thats why developers have to make cut backs to get things running on the switch.