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Holy graphical god is this game the best looking thing I've ever seen in video game form. I thought this would be another janky surface level rockstar game and it is a bit but 90% of the time post chapter 2 areas it's unbelievable looking. I can't believe it's dynamic cause it looks hand crafted to a tee, in fact the whole game feels hand crafted. Ghosts of Tsushima and The last of us 2 will no doubt beat this but right now it's beaten even sony exclusives visually. Can't wait to see what that rockstar money does for GTA6 as it's clearly went above and beyond here.

As for the immersion, second to none out side of VR. I've felt shitty not one shotting animals, went to jail because I didn't want to kill some random stranger who witnessed me steal, almost restarted the game from the start after I massacred Valentine and the game auto saved that in stone.

Can't wait for a spoiler thread to share the insane stuff I've came across aroubd the map and hear others to see of they match up as well as the emergent stories it has brought about and compare how we differed.

So far it's been a slow burn, a really slow build up but once you figure out what they are dishing out here and fall in the groove og the systems it starts, at least for me to become mind melting stuff ot's so next level. All these people saying the core systems are shit need to play further and see they really don't effect much, it's basically a padded out health/potion system.


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