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I was not going to see this movie. Even my friends told me some liked it and some thought it was just ok. Critics hated it according to metacritic and even Jermey Jahns my goto critic said it was just ok.


So I got a free ticket for my bday from the local cinemas, was bored during my three day vacation from work, so I finally drug myself to go see it. I think, due to how unhyped I was for this movie that I ended up completely loving it! The action, visuals and story was very enjoyable to me. Even the drones who played in this film were not as terrible as they could have been. I hated Brocks accent in the film, his fiance is just terrible and should only play in dramas though. Still, despite being totally the wrong part, I stomached her. Her head would have made a tasty snack lets just say, sorry Venom humor.





What did you think?

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