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RolStoppable said:

I skimmed most of your post that opened with sympathy, because it started on the wrong foot. Yes, we agree for the most part, but don't make people believe that they have sort of valid points when they are posting rants, because it will put yourself in a position where you have to type essays to refute an argument. The one crucial point I didn't see you address is that Switch has yet to enter the phase where it is Nintendo's only console. The 3DS saw continued good support throughout 2017 and into 2018, so many of Nintendo's development teams had yet to begin development of Switch software in earnest.

The second half is semantics. 'Dedicated' in the context of video games refers to a device that is about playing video games, but that's not a point I touched on in my previous post. I think we are better off by agreeing that all these semantics won't be worth the time it would take to dissect them.

I think that most opinions regarding entertainment are not "valid or invalid" though. That's why I opened my post with sympathy. Hell, I've had many times where I thought the Switch was trash. Mine was collecting a lot of dust until very recently (and the process of rehabilitation only started because certain users were kind enough to gift me a game). It's all about the arguments and how well you support them. And really, that user didn't support his points well. His reception of the Switch isn't inherently wrong, his way of trying to rationalize and back up those sentiments just used faulty arguments. 

And I should have made that point. I actually meant to but sort of forgot, took a while to write that reply. However if you see the list of games I showed for 3DS and GBA that were also ports/reimaginings/remasters/collections I mention Mario Party Top 100 and Metroid: Samus Returns. It should kind of be self evident then that a big factor is support for the 3DS, although I'm sure he already knows about that and doesn't care.

We don't even have to discuss it, the work is done. Look at my Mar127 reply chain.